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King of Kings Worldwide is a full-scale film, television, and music production and management company based in London and Nashville with a simple mandate -- to bring back the golden era of film, television, and music. Like father, like son. It’s no accident that upon being honored with an honorary doctor of degree in music from Berklee College in 1989, Gregory’s father, Beatles producer Sir George Martin, spoke the following words in his commencement address.

“I am often asked if the records I have made would have benefited from modern technology. I love technical wizardry and am enormously excited by the potential of today. Our tools are so much more sophisticated now, and of course they can make life easier. But we have to remember they are just tools, nothing more, and that true art, true music comes from the heart and soul of the human being. I believe my productions may have been easier to make if I had had today's technology. They may have been quicker—but better? I seriously doubt it. Sgt. Pepper would not have been not as good because different techniques would have altered its style. I cannot contemplate what a liberal use of sampling would have done to it. I would have lost a lot of those lovely human imperfections which add up to a roundness that clinical correctness fails to give. In Europe today there is a sinister growing dependence on visual entertainment. TV and video have become the opium of the masses, with prerecorded and programmed sound satisfying their eternal hunger. The staple diet of millions of people is junk music. Like junk food, it may fill their bellies, but it doesn't improve their style. They are hearing with their eyes and listening to nothing.”

No truer words have ever been spoken.

In King of Kings’ war chest are the following projects, all of which will be in pre-production in 2024/2025.

A dark comedy about Jim Morrison of The Doors

A comedy about Diego Maradona’s tour of duty with Napoli

An epic, sprawling music dramedy; the Mad Men of rock n’ roll


A comic spoof of Werewolf horror movies

The ultimate serial killer thriller; The Silence of the Lambs meets American Psycho

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