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In 1984 I received the biggest financial offer ever given to an actor in television history – the equivalent of $US27 million in today’s money to star in the American prime time soap opera, Dynasty.

For reasons I describe in my upcoming memoir – Blackbird – I turned that opportunity down. But a wall had been breached in my consciousness, and there was no going back. The understanding that I had no limits, that I was making my life up as I went along, that every limitation I had previously accepted had been an illusion determined by my beliefs became permanently embedded in my mind.

My life morphed into a wild and glorious sleigh ride of joy, power and success beyond my wildest dreams. I had made the ultimate quantum leap, entering the realm of Christ Consciousness, learning how to stay there.

Life coaches and mind-training gurus like Joe Dispenza and Anthony Robbins serve a purpose. If you’re looking for a community of lost souls who enjoy shelling out thousands of dollars every few months in exchange for being lulled into a false state of psychological security, follow them.

But if you’re in search of your ultimate power; the awesome Total Power and Dominion of Christ Consciousness, there’s a much faster, simpler, less costly way.

In 2024/2025 I’m conducting a series of retreats in which I’ll be teaching attendees how to achieve the state of Christ Consciousness – the state of Total Power and Dominion – and stay there.

The final retreat of 2024 takes place in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico on the last weekend of August. Should you wish to attend, email me asap -- Numbers are limited.

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